Contract Development and Manufacturing of  IVD-Products

Consumables. Instruments. Assays.

 Point Of Care Devices. Analytical Instruments.




You have got an instrument concept in mind, or a pre-developed prototype that needs to be turned into a series product, or a ready-to-market instruments that must be manufactured?




Whatever it takes, we will make it reality




POC Cartridges, Containers & Co.




You need to develop a new smart consumable or are looking for a new supplier of your existing injection molded plastic parts?



For either goal, we will be pleased to work with you




Pick & Choose


Since 2011 IVD companies have been outsourcing to us product development and manufacturing projects.


Unique project requirements demand highly specialized experts.


Therefore, b2bio is not only representing a single CDMO, but a multifaceted pool of industry leading and Germany based CDMOs, all of them experts and champions in their respective areas.

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